Restorative Dentistry for Children – Aspen Hill, MD

Repairing Damaged or Decayed Teeth

Dentist examining child's smile during restorative dentistry visit

Children are always out and about playing, so it’s no surprise if they come back with a broken or fractured tooth. In addition to dental damage, tooth decay is one of the most common oral health problems among children because they’re still learning how to properly take care of their smiles. Fortunately, our team at Healthy Kids Dentistry offers several natural-looking and durable options to treat and protect compromised pearly whites with restorative dentistry for children in Aspen Hill, MD.

Why Choose Healthy Kids Dentistry for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Children’s Sedation Dentistry Available
  • Natural-Looking Dental Restorations
  • Experienced & Friendly Dental Team

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Animated teeth with tooth colored fillings

Some dentists still use amalgam fillings when treating a cavity in a child’s tooth. At our pediatric dental office, we only utilize biocompatible composite resin fillings because they seamlessly blend in with other teeth and fuse with the natural enamel to seal off the tooth from harmful oral bacteria. That way, your child can still smile with confidence while they’re making new friends on the playground or in their classes.

Dental Crowns

Animated smile during dental crown placement

Dental crowns are cap-like dental structures that are designed to fit over the biting surface of teeth. We utilize zirconia to create our crowns because this material is incredibly durable and custom-shaded to look exactly like their natural teeth. Once the crown is cemented over the top of a treated or broken tooth, it will protect and support it so your child can continue using it as they normally would until it falls out naturally.


Animated tooth with decay prior to pulpotomy treatment

Untreated cavities can develop into tooth infections over time. If your child is complaining of a toothache that won’t seem to go away, we recommend that you bring them in immediately for an emergency dental appointment. To treat this problem, we can conduct a pulpotomy on their primary tooth. During this procedure, we’ll remove the infected portion of their pulp, sanitize the inside of their tooth, and restore its structure with a substance called gutta percha and a customized dental crown.